Acquire Order in Chaos

A student-run club dedicated to the application of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, algorithm development and mathematical modelling

We believe in the power of collaboration. UTMSAM is dedicated to bringing talents from the technological aspect and the business aspect together. By filling out each others’ knowledge gap, we could accomplish so much more!

Data Science, Machine Learning and Mathematical Modelling may sound intimidating due to its heavy Mathematics and computer science-related content. UTMSAM is currently working on a curriculum that guides students with little background in those areas.

Most of UTMSAM’s executives are Math enthusiasts, and we would love to share some of the coolest Mathematical ideas and concepts with all our members! In the near future, UTMSAM will be forming a think tank filled with talented students from different backgrounds to work on a really interesting project. We will also post a fun fact about Mathematics on our Instagram account every Friday.

UTMSAM was featured on the Medium UTM on November 11, 2019. We discussed our initiative of bridging the gap between business and technology, as well as all other programs. We hope that we will be able to showcase our projects at the end of the school year, to further spread out the influence of UTMSAM by bringing more students together.”

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